Note: To using PresenceSensor feature, following conditions must be provided:

  • Object Manager v1.4.0 (or higher)
  • CLU 2.0 with v5.07.01 (or higher) firmware version 

In order to create the PresenceSensor object:

1. Choose CLU which the PresenceSensor will be located on, then select Add virtual object from the toolbar.

2. From the drop-down list choose the PresenceSensor object.

And name it.

3. After this, the PresenceSensor object window will appear. This window consist of 3 tabs: Control, Events, Embedded features. Go to Embedded feature.

4. In Embedded features tab, enter a value of time after which a PresenceDetected  feature will be set on 0 and OnTimeout event called.

5. To OnPresenceDetected event assign a command which will be called after movement detection, e.g. calling the light controlled by relay output.

6. To OnTimeout event assign a command which will be executed after run time out (set at Timeout feature) since the last presence detection.

7. In the Object Properties window related to the motion sensor applied in your system (in this example DIN1), assign a DetectPresence command to the appropriate event.

8. To assume that the motion sensor is in charge of turning the light on between sunrise and sunset, in order to start and stop the PresenceSensor you can assign OnSunrise/OnSunset events of SunriseSunsetCalendar virtual object to it.