Note: To using PresenceSensor feature, following conditions must be provided:

  • Object Manager v1.4.0 (or higher)
  • CLU 2.0 with v5.07.01 (or higher) firmware version 

In order to create the SunriseSunsetCalendar object:

1. Choose CLU which the SunriseSunsetCalendar will be located on, then select Add virtual object from the toolbar. 

2. From the drop-down list choose the SunriseSunsetCalendar.

And name it.

3. After this, the SunriseSunsetCalendar object window will appear. This window consist of 3 tabs: Control, Events, Embedded features. Go to Embedded feature.

4. In Embedded features enter the longitude and latitude which you want to obtain data from.

Then launch the virtual object by set the State value on On.

When the State feature is equal to Off, the OnSunrise, OnSunset, OnSunriseSunsetChange events are not generated.

5. After sending the configuration to CLU, Embedded features values look as follows.

The SunriseLocal and SunsetLocal features return information about the time of sunrise/sunset depending on the time zone set.

The SunriseLocal, SunsetLocal value refreshing takes place at midnight of local time.

6. The virtual object created in this way can be used, for example, to raise the roller blinds at sunrise and lower them at sunset. Another application of this object can be handling the PresenceSensor work (start/stop PresenceSensor).