Note: To using Push notification feature, there is following software needed:

  • Object Manager v1.3.3 (or higher)
  • myGrenton v1.1.9 (or higher) - for Android system; or myGrenton v1.3.0 (or higher) - for iOS system.

Additionally, CLU must to be able to connecting with Cloud (UseCloud and CloudConnection embedded features must be set on true).

In order to create the Push notification:

1. Choose CLU which will be used for sending notification, then select Add virtual object from the toolbar.

2. From the drop-down list choose a Push object.

And name it.

3. After this, the Push object window will appear. This window consist of 3 tabs: Control, Events, Embedded features. Go to Embedded feature.

4. In the Title and Message boxes, enter the names of notification title and contents.

Changing a value of the time interval between successive notification is possible.

5. After creating the virtual object, assign it to a selected object in the system (e.g. OnSwitchOff event on DIN1 - I/O 8/8 module).

6. Send the configuration to CLU and then go to myGrenton interface settings.

7. After choosing Interface settings icon, there will appear the following window.

8. In the Push notification objects select interesting notification. Send this interface to your mobile device.

9. After loading the interface to myGrenton app, allow the application to receive Push notification.

10. Now, each low state on ReedContact_Doors_DIN1 will generate Push notification appearing.

Note: Sending more than one notification from one Push object causes that these notifications will be stocked in the line and appear with the time interval defined in Interval feature. Maximum notification quantity in the line is 10 messages. If in the line appear more than 10 messages, OnOverflow event will be generated (which means the line is overflow) and to the mobile device will be sent 10 last messages.

Note: Messages sending from a different push objects will reach the device simultaneously.