If we want to use information about the weather, sunrise or sunset in the system, we can use an external website for this purpose, e.g. https://openweathermap.org/.

According to the example on: https://openweathermap.org/current

the API query looks like as following:
API call: api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q={city name}&appid={your api key}.

Below is presented how we can easily obtain this information:

  • Create the HttpRequest periphery object:
  • The following parameters should be set in the HttpRequest object:
    Host: api.openweathermap.org
    Path: /data/2.5/weather
    QueryStringParams: q=Krakow&appid={your api key}

    Warning! The api key is obtained after creating an account athttps://home.openweathermap.org/users/sign_up

  • The next step is to create user features of the number type:
  • Then prepare the script:
    local resp = GATE_HTTP->open_weather_map->ResponseBody
    GATE_HTTP->lon_owm = resp.coord.lon
    GATE_HTTP->lat_owm = resp.coord.lat
    GATE_HTTP->weather_main_owm = resp.weather[1].main
    GATE_HTTP->weather_desc_owm = resp.weather[1].description
    GATE_HTTP->weather_base_owm = resp.base
    GATE_HTTP->temp_owm = resp.main.temp
    GATE_HTTP->temp_min_owm = resp.main.temp_min
    GATE_HTTP->temp_max_owm = resp.main.temp_max
    GATE_HTTP->pressure_owm = resp.main.pressure
    GATE_HTTP->humidity_owm = resp.main.humidity
    GATE_HTTP->visibility_owm = resp.visibility
    GATE_HTTP->wind_speed_owm = resp.wind.speed
    GATE_HTTP->wind_deg_owm = resp.wind.deg
    GATE_HTTP->cloud_all_owm = resp.clouds.all
    GATE_HTTP->country_owm = resp.sys.country
    GATE_HTTP->sunrise_owm = resp.sys.sunrise
    GATE_HTTP->sunset_owm = resp.sys.sunset
    GATE_HTTP->timezone_owm = resp.timezone
    GATE_HTTP->city_owm = resp.name

  • Assign the script to the OnResponse event in the HttpRequest periphery object:

  • Then, the configuration should be sent to the CLU.
  • After the configuration has been successfully sent, the SendRequest method should be called in the Control tab of the HttpRequest periphery object:

  • After calling the method, the StatusCode feature should receive the value 200.

  • User features values should receive appropriate values:
  • To verify received information, it is possible to paste query to an internet browser and compare:

  • The obtained data can be displayed in the mobile application and Smart Panel or use to create logic in the system.