Grenton Smart Panel – Functionalities of the new panel

The new touch panel executes all functionalities of currently available screenless Touch Panel – namely, it enables the control with the use of, among others, the events: short click, short/long hold, it has a built-in temperature and light sensor.

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Smart Panel, however, has a significantly wider spectre of use, such as in the scope of visualization of the state of the object and transmission of smart notifications. The functionalities of Grenton Smart Panel are also extended to the support for gestures (contactless interface). The users have at their disposal simple access to the display of any system parameters, broad icon catalogue or any text (FreeDrawing technology) on the centrally located display.

The service of gestures enables to broaden the configuration abilities of the panel – by means of gestures, we can for example switch subsequent displays, on which we will have the access to functions other than on the previously opened screen (a change of the actions of buttons occurs and consequently – a change of the icons on the screen).

Thanks to the installed distance sensor, the system enables to highlight the screen only when it is necessary.

The panel is additionally equipped with a buzzer and a vibra in order to provide the user with fully immersive sensations.

Cabling and installation

Grenton Smart Panel Module is a wired module installed in the same way as screenless Touch Panel (Grenton Touch Panel), in standard fi60 can. The main cable TF-Bus should be connected to it – at least  four-threaded cable with a constant wave impedance. In the scope of connection to CLU, there is no difference in this case in comparison to Grenton touch Panel modules.


Dear Customers, Grenton Smart Panel is currently undergoing an ultimate verification and testing phase, this time at the pilot customers (the status of 18.01.2018). Therefore, from 25.01.2018 Smart Panel will appear on B2B platform, where it will be possible to order it from. Dealers and distributors who in 2017 submitted a demand for the device will receive deliveries in January and the next orders will be executed in February.