GATE modules enable (depending on the version) the full integration with alarm control panels Satel Integra and communication with devices communicating in MODBUS RTU standard. In the subsequent software updates full integration with alarm control panels Jablotron and the support of REST standard (HTTP queries) will be added in the under the subsequent module called GATE MULTIMEDIA.

The Gate module is a wired module installed in switchboards, equipped with regular main connectors TF-Bus (which can provide power to the module) and the Ethernet connector, after which a communication with CLU unit takes place. Three threads from the control panel of the device communicating in MODBUS standard should be led to the module. The alarm panel communicates with GATE module via Ethernet.

Integration with Satel
Thanks to GATE module it is possible to add to support in Grenton system any input device (motion sensor, reed, etc.) and output devices connected to the alarm system panel. This module enables also to activate and deactivate any zone created in the alarm system.

Integration with Modbus

Gate module allows reading any parameter of a device communicating in MODBUS RTU standard. The configuration must be exercised accordingly to the guidelines of the producer of the device connected to the GATE module.