The cause of the flashing (glowing) diodes on the touch panel is the most often problems with communication or power supply of the panel. The list of the most often reasons for such issue is presented below:

  • Untightened bus fittings or adapter connectors

Check the correctness of bus fittings connection on all wired Grenton devices. Plug out and in the bus connectors, making sure that they are mounted properly.

  • Damaged bus cable

Using the metrics check if the continuity of each bus cable has been intact.  

  • Voltage drop on the bus

In cases when an improper bus power supply was applied, there can appear voltage drops. The fastest way to verify this issue is the measurement of the voltage on the bus connector between GND and Vcc pins. The voltage below 4,7 V DC can cause distortion in bus communication.

  • Swapped bus cables

When placing the bus in the object and using adapters, pay attention to connecting the corresponding cables on both sides of the bus cable. The swap of the communication connectors with the power supplying connectors may cause invalid communication of the devices.

The best practice to avoid such situation is using the same colour of twisted pair cables to each type of bus cable, for example: green and white-green for communication pair (A and B) and brown and white-brown for power supplying pair (Vcc and GND).

Also pay attention, if the male connector of TF-Bus is put properly in the female connector.

If the problem still appears, contact our technical support department through the form available HERE.