Yes, the functionality of measurements od the media will be available together with the upcoming update of Object Manager software and the mobile application Home Manager.

The functionality of virtual media measurement does not require any additional module and is realized on the basis of information registered by the system. In the course of the configuration the user defines the load capacity connected to the exit, while the system stores information related to the period of time during which the given exit was connected and the value it was on (i.e. for dimmed exits). Subsequently, these values are recalculated bearing in mind the load capacity and presented to us in the form of used energy.

Apart from registering the usage of Energy by exits we also have the possibility of registering the signal from the entries, i.e. in the form of the appearing impulses: we define the value for each impulse (i.e. in kWh or m3 etc.), while the system calculates the impulses and counts the usage on the basis of the given converter. Thanks to this we are able to connect any energy meter with impulse exit to the system.

The signals from entries may also be registered as connection statistics, thanks to which we may gather information on, for instance, the length and time when a given window was opened etc.