What are BLE Beacons?

BLE Beacons are Bluetooth signal transmitters which allow us to exercise two functionalities: One button and Beacon Zone. To support them, smartphone or tablet must be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android system, at least 4.4 version. Home Manager application installed in a device sets its position on the basis of the signals from beacons (sent via Bluetooth), and next, it communicates with the system via Wi-Fi.

The functionality of Grenton One Button

One button which changes its function depending on the localization of a user with smartphone, for example, we will use the same button – if we are in a living room, it will switch the light on in the living room, if we are in garage, it will switch the light on in there, and if we approached the entrance gate, the same button which previously controlled the lighting, will open the gate now. Additionally, One Button in Android devices can be put on the desktop as a widget – therefore there is no need to run the application to control the devices we use the most often, and all this with the use of a single button only.

The functionality of Grenton Beacon Zone

Similarly to One Button, we also use BLE beacons, but in this case, there is no need to take out your device and launch any application. Previously defined action will be launched simply if we found ourselves in the reach of a given beacon. That is, in practice: if we enter the garage and we have a phone in our pocket, the lighting will switch on automatically and it will illuminate for as long as we stay in the reach of the beacon. If we approach the gate, it will be opened and it can be open until we would stand by it. The functionality can be used for example to “soundtracking” – the music will be playing in the room which we are currently in, so for example to realize the “intelligent staircase” functionality, if the locator from the building approaches, for example, the entrance door, it will be opened and she/he would not need to search for keys, card or enter a code on the intercom.